Personality assessments

Disagreements and conflict in the office are often not caused by ill intent. They are the result of a difference in perspective, communication style, or personal values. Understanding the personalities of your team can resolve those disagreements, and make for a more supportive and effective workplace.

For over 40 years, True Colors has been helping millions of people find more success in their lives and interpersonal relationships. This easy but profound way of understanding self and others helps increase empathy, recognize similarities and differences, and lessens conflict through misunderstandings.

A majority of workplace challenges stem from interpersonal difficulties between employees, and employers can lose talented employees if they are not able to match them to tasks and developmental opportunities that they value.

A group of friends at a coffee shop
A group of friends at a coffee shop

Using True Colors, teams are able to better understand each other, and adapt their communication to be more effective. Additionally, client acquisition and retention can rise, as staff are able to quickly get a read on the people and respond in an effective way.

Many team building events and trainings are complicated and are quickly forgotten or unused. Because True Colours is easy to remember and deeply ingrained in our everyday lives, participants can use True Colours skills for years after the course, and it can continue to be a useful skill in the workplace.

person holding green flower bud
person holding green flower bud

Key outcomes

  • Staff are able to better capitalize on their strengths, making teams more efficient

  • There is a decrease in disagreements, gossip, and drama

  • Teams improve communication through understanding the preferences and communication styles of their coworkers

  • People are able to better regulate themselves during stressful periods, and support their team members through stress

  • Strategic development opportunities are clarified for staff and leadership

  • Goals and strategies based on team competencies are more successful

  • The team becomes more efficient and high functioning

True Colors workshops are custom designed for your team, based on your needs. They can range from 3 hours to multiple days, depending on your desired outcomes.