Leaders can be under an incredible amount of stress while doing their absolute best to create a healthy work environment for their teams. Unfortunately, their best intentions may not create the space they are hoping for, and they are often without the resources to improve. This can lead to frustration, guilt, apathy, and even resentment. This is how unhealthy cultures begin and thrive.

That culture then ripples out, impacting not only the organization, but also the mental wellbeing of employee’s and even their families, as people take the stress of a unhealthy culture home. This needs to change! It is critical that leaders have the skills and support to ensure that the ripples they make are creating a fantastic work culture. Plus, supporting the mental health of employees and their families leads to the success and profit of the business!

Staff are burnt out and leaving

Roles are unclear and so is accountability

Staff protect their own interests over the team 

 Departments are acting independently


No one is getting the results they want!


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Our actions as leaders have huge ripples from the people we lead, to the organization, even through to the people we love.  How are you ensuring you are making ripples that lead to a healthy culture and your success?


What Impact Are You Having As A Leader? 

Are you leading a team, and have a question about how best to handle a specific situation?  Would you like to share a story about a situation, employee or manager?

Share it with us, and we can get back to you with some ways to move forward.

We work with organizations to ensure that the great intentions you have as a leader are getting you the results you want.  How can we help you?

For over 40 years, True Colours has been helping millions of people find more success in their lives and interpersonal relationships.  This easy but profound way of understanding self and others helps increase empathy, recognize similarities and differences, and lessens conflict through misunderstandings.  

Hi!  I am Leah Fink, and I am the owner of All Thrive.  I have spent many years helping people create the kind of ripples they want in their life, and would love to know about the kind of ripples you want to make.

Let’s connect and get to know each other.

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