During Covid-19, we are still working to help you.  We are currently offering programming online, as well as in person, in cases where physical safety guidelines can be observed.  Please contact us for more details. 

Your mindset creates your reality, but do you know what reality you are creating?  All Thrive helps people own their future. We create and run customizable personal development courses for groups. They are experiential, and focus on raising self awareness and increasing mental wellness. We work with all sorts of groups from schools and youth groups, to companies and community groups. We provide the chance to learn and practice skills that will directly support great relationships, healthy work cultures, success and happiness.

Unfortunately, our undervaluing of some of these soft skills can have huge consequences. Our personal and professional relationships can thrive or fall apart based on our ability to not only learn interpersonal skills, but to practice and actually apply them. In Canada, approximately 1 in 5 youth are expected to be affected by mental illness and it is estimated that in the global economy, there is an annual loss of one trillion dollars due to decreased productivity from mental health issues.  Having a healthy work or classroom culture, practicing impactful communication, lessening conflict, and having a better understanding of your emotions and personal experience – these all increase resilience and lead to better mental health, and a more successful life.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build resilience, learn, grow and thrive.

“Valuing differences, creating unity.”  For over 40 years, True Colours has been helping millions of adults and youth find more success in their lives and interpersonal relationships.  This easy but profound way of understanding self and others helps increase empathy, recognize similarities and differences, and lessens conflict through misunderstandings.  

True Colours translates complex temperament theory into practical information and ways to take action. Represented by four colours – Orange, Gold, Green and Blue — it differentiates the four primary personality types.  By learning about each type, people are able to find out which they best identify with, and also acknowledge that they have the three other types within them as well.  This can be a powerful way of building understanding of self and others. 

All Thrive offers a variety of programs for youth. Topics include Communication, Understanding Values, Needs & Behaviours, and Making Decisions, as well as True Colours personality assessment.  

School programs are designed to meet and exceed the 5 competencies recommended by CASEL for Social Emotional Learning.  Programs are designed to meet many objectives of Alberta’s Health and Life Skills curriculum for grade 9, and can also be adapted for other grades.  

Teachers and youth leaders are active participants in All Thrive courses, with the opportunity to learn about their youth in a whole different way, while also learning about themselves and their leadership style. 

The Right Use of Power explores power dynamics in relationships, and the impact of how we use our power.   Power is alive in all of our personal and professional relationships, and must be understood so we can have thriving, healthy relationships. By cultivating an understanding of the societal, privilege, role based, and personal power that influence us every day, we are able to make choices that align the impact we intend to have with our intentions. 

Our experience of power is constantly affecting how we interact, and when we are not aware of power, it can have disastrous consequences for our personal relationships, and our professional success. Explore how good intentions are not enough, and how choosing to ethically use your power can have incredible impact.   

I had the opportunity to take part in Leah Fink’s True Colours workshop in February 2020. The content of the workshop provided a great structure for my interpersonal as well as personal development, but it was her as an instructor that truly shined. Her passion and knowledge are evident throughout the material and her ability to lead groups of individuals is commendable. I would highly recommend any opportunity to participate in courses of this type with her as an engaging and exciting one! 

ND – Nurse

Leah did some training in our staff team on True Colors and Right Use of Power and it was very useful. We found ourselves in a team where the front line staff had very different personality types to that of the supervisor and I learned how to respond more effectively to the staff in my program, and they to me. We also explored the value of feedback and how to give and receive this more openly. This is something we continue to implement and practice in our debriefs and staff meetings. Leah was able to engage us in many different learning mediums and we practiced these skills using fun learning activities. This is a very insightful training that people in a variety of workplaces and school groups could benefit from.   

TC – Program Supervisor 

I have done True Colors before, in a career context, and it was very enlightening to apply it to my personal relationships as well. I gained great insight into my family relationships, including ways to make the good ones even better and hopefully ease the strained ones. Leah’s kindness, non-judgemental approach, and insights were extremely helpful. Her approach and presentation are equally valuable whether applied to work or home life. Her depth of understanding was demonstrated in how she presented the material in a variety of modalities to appeal to people with different primary colours.  


JS - Engineer

I want to Thrive!

All Thrive believes that everyone should have the opportunity to develop a better understanding of themselves. Every month, we send an opportunity for self reflection, skill development and learning.  Join us and see what you’ll discover!

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