What matters to us

The impact of your culture doesn't just affect how you feel during the workday. It is a major factor in your mental health, and can even affect your relationships and the health of your family. After years of working in addictions and mental health, we were inspired to focus on proactively supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace: a space that can be either a hugely supportive or detrimental factor in our lives. Within this team setting, practicing skills also deepens and cements new learning, making sure that there is a real, sustained impact that goes out into the organization and beyond.

three women sitting beside table
three women sitting beside table

Our mission

To work alongside organizations, increasing the skills and capacity of leaders and teams to create positive cultures that improve mental health.

Our vision

To create a world where workplaces foster resilience and contribute to the overall mental health of individuals.

Values should be more than some words posted on a wall. They should be how your organization guides direction, makes decisions and connects each employee to meaningful work. Feel free to ask us how we live our values.

Impact Aligning: We focus on the outcomes and impact of our actions instead of our intentions. We intentionally and regularly seek feedback to ensure we are having an aligned impact.

Relationship Centred: The way we interact with others is the focal point of all of our work. We constantly cultivate and share skills that help us and others foster better relationships.

Continual Growth: We believe there is not a single answer or solution to any challenge. We learn from our clients as they learn from us, and we are constantly seeking new knowledge and advancing our skills.

Power Conscious: We use power intentionally and ethically. We work to understand the impact of power on relationships, and use our power to address power differentials, seek feedback, and be responsive in our work.

Our values

Meet Leah

Purpose: I help people align their actions with their intentions, in order for others to understand their genuine love and care.

Journey: I have always been incredibly passionate about personal development, and how it can change lives. After years of supporting that change in mental health and addictions, I wanted to focus on helping people more proactively.

Using my understanding of how to help people make meaningful change in their life, and my own experiences as a leader working to align my intentions, I founded All Thrive. Through working with a variety of leaders and teams, I have been able to shift communication, relationships and cultures in a way that ripples out to positively affect organizations and families.

Biggest Impact: Through the relationships I fostered, I have been able to support people that I care about to not choose suicide when they were in crisis. This cemented for me the value of relationship, and how critical it is to develop mental health resilience.

Our Partners

Our strength lies in our relationships. We are grateful to have strong connections with other organizations who also help people in alignment with our mission.

The Right Use of Power