Our approach

We know there are many different ways to approach developing your leadership and culture. All Thrive prioritizes relationships and communication, and we use a strength based lens to best capitalize on the skills of your team. We focus on the ripples of impact that each person creates with their actions

We use team-based learning so everyone can grow together, continually practice skills, and hold each other accountable to new outcomes. Within this team focus, we also ensure that leaders are given the support and training to have the impact that aligns with their goals.


You're standing on the shore of a pond. You pick up a rock, throw it in the water, and watch the ripples it creates.

In your work, you have lots of intentions, goals, and hopes surrounding you, like small rocks surrounding you on the shore. You chose one that you want to act on. As you throw a rock, that is you making decisions and taking action.

The shoreline you stand on is made of the leadership and interpersonal skills you have, or may need developing. If your shoreline is strong, you will have positive outcomes. When your shoreline is weak, even though you may have the best intentions, you could be creating harmful ripples.

In our work with businesses, All Thrive has identified 6 key competencies that have the biggest impact on positive or negative outcomes. These create our shoreline of success. Click here for more information about them.

Effective & Meaningful Communication
man holding incandescent bulbman holding incandescent bulb
person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons handperson in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
woman in black long sleeve shirt sitting beside woman in gray long sleeve shirtwoman in black long sleeve shirt sitting beside woman in gray long sleeve shirt
Systemic Understanding
Ethical Use of Power
Clarity & Alignment
Productive Tension

Are you curious about what it would look like to embrace these competencies in the workplace? On our podcast Leadership Ripples with Leah Fink you can learn how you can employ these key skills in order to create success for your team.