Culture Assessments

If you want to make changes that are meaningful to your organization, you need to understand the lived experience of your employees at all levels. All Thrive uses a variety of tools to develop understanding around how your culture is currently affecting your team and outcomes, as well as how to create alignment and agreement on the action needed to achieve your desired impact.

We use our competency framework along with our assessments to help teams develop the skills we know will create the biggest culture shifts, and sustain long lasting change. These include deepening communication, developing an understanding of power, finding clarity, and fostering connection.

Comprehensive analysis

Comprehensive analyses are an immersive opportunity to look at all aspects of your organizational culture. We will address all components of our competency framework to find specific strengths and growth opportunities. Within these engagements, you will end up with a variety of knowledge you can use to drive the most meaningful change.

people meeting in room
people meeting in room
Specific factors

Assessments of specific factors of culture are a deep-dive into one or more particular competency that you know your team is struggling with. This option gives you the opportunity to pinpoint where to put your efforts to solve your biggest challenges.

Leadership and individual

Leader and individual assessments measure the specific impact that an individual is having on your team culture. This provides the opportunity to create personalized goals to maximize their outcomes and influence on others.

What option is best for you?

Connect with us to find what aligns with your goals.

The tools we use

While surveys are a classic method of gathering information about culture, we have a variety of options that may better suit your situation. We can help through:

  • Facilitated culture assessments

  • Individual interviews of key stakeholders

  • Focus groups

  • Feedback surveys

  • Leadership assessments

  • Individual debrief and goal setting

  • Results or feedback review sessions

woman in black shirt and blue denim jeans writing on white paper
woman in black shirt and blue denim jeans writing on white paper