Our process

Your organization is unique and the impact you want to have is unique. So our work is based on addressing the specific challenges you are having, using the skills you already have developed, levelling-up any competencies that are less developed, and getting you the outcomes you are looking for.

In order to find the solution that will fit you, we use an in depth process to ensure you can reach your ideal outcomes.

All programming is...



Relationship Centred

Strength focused

The first step to transformation is ensuring we know what challenges your team is facing. We want to understand this from a variety of different viewpoints and staff roles. Otherwise, we may only get a one dimensional perspective, which leads to a one dimension solution. We may use: discussions with the leadership team, 360 leader evaluations, culture surveys, staff interviews, or focus groups. Learn more about how we may asses this here.


With our new knowledge of what is happening, we need agreement on which new opportunities to explore, so we can fully invest into the work. Without agreement, efforts will be divided or wasted. If working on organizational culture was previously done, but didn't have the intended impact, it may be because this critical step was missed, and people were not aligned on what efforts should be made.


Based on the alignment with a direction, we look at what kind of approach would be the most efficient and impactful to create change. Each organization has different needs, abilities, constraints and structures. What we design will be based on your specific environment, needs and outcomes.


It is time to develop the skills we need to move forward! This learning and development might take place through group workshops, staff development days, lunch and learns, continual support and check in, additional individual support, and asynchronous learning.
It is critical that we ensure the impact we had was aligned with the intended outcomes, at all levels of the organization. Additionally, once we have created the desired change, we want to be very clear on what exactly led to that outcome. This creates a great framework the organization can then use to ensure the change is long lasting, and can be used for future growth.



If you are ready to engage in this process and create the change you want, let's talk.