Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A palpable sense of inclusion, or its absence, profoundly shapes office culture. While your organization may not have originated the inequities within society, they persist in the workplace nonetheless. Failing to address them adeptly constrains our ability to fully engage our teams.

When organizations lack the requisite capacity and skills to foster equality, their efforts risk being perceived as token gestures or may even diminish the sense of inclusion. All Thrive imparts the skill to foster awareness of unconscious bias while equipping teams with practical language and frameworks for fostering safe and constructive dialogues.

Understanding Power Dynamics

Understanding the power dynamics inherent in our society is critical to creating a safer and more equitable space for everyone. These dynamics affect all our relationships and are often tied to our unconscious patterns and biases.

The complexity of these dynamics, coupled with emotions like shame, guilt, anger, or fear, makes it challenging to have safe and productive conversations about them. By fostering a better understanding of power, we can develop deeper empathy and the ability to relate, even with groups we are not part of.

Introductory workshops

If you are looking to create an inclusive and safe workplace, your team will need a framework and language they can use to have constructive discussions.

Our introductory DEI workshops start by delving into reflective practices that explore our personal experience and biases. This provides a basis for building empathy, and a foundation for introducing effective language.

A great option for large groups, the workshops will get everyone 'on the same page' when it comes to addressing equality in the workplace, and gives them the skills to have critical conversations. Introductory workshops

Shifting Culture

Workplace culture is a reflection of the societal systems that promote or limit equality. Although you may not be aware of how it impacts your day to day work, you will find aspects of these systems in your communication, schedules, policies, values and beyond. If you

Our culture shifts are a deep dive into your organization. We will be addressing the systems, structures, and leadership foundations that are having the biggest impact on your outcomes. These longer term engagements focus on large scale, long lasting change.

Our culture shifts deeply explore the the components of your culture and systems that are contributing to inequality in the workplace. From this understanding, you will be able to focus your efforts to create the change you want.

Speaking engagements

Our speaking is designed to be an engaging and impactful way to start your teams learning journey. Ideal for larger groups, associations and teams, we ensure that we will create a participatory experience that provides practical reflection and tools. We aim to shift speaking from inspiration and being 'spoken at', to creating connection and meaning with your team.