Youth Programming

 Our programming for youth is focused on proactively preparing young people to face the challenges of their future by facilitating self exploration and developing social emotional skills.  We work with schools, individuals, families, and groups to create custom sessions based on your needs.  Our programming meets CASEL’s recommended social emotional learning outcomes, which are foundational for success in school and life, and school components cover components of curriculum from Health and Life Skills and CALM.  Check out our school programs to see some pre-established themes that could be customized for your group.

All Thrive youth programming helps youth to:

  • Know how to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Decrease bullying
  • Increase self confidence
  • Understand personal values, needs and behaviours
  • Explore different personality types (True Colours)
  • Develop emotional literacy and regulation
  • Strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Make healthy decisions and plan goals
  • Achieve a sense of purpose

Please call us at 403-680-7591 to discuss how we could help your your youth grow and thrive.