Have you ever felt that you just “don’t get” someone on a team that you lead or belong to?  The group just isn’t firing on all cylinders, or pulling in the same direction? Have you ever identified (overtly or covertly) as the odd one out? Have you ever felt that your team could get along better, and thus perform better? 

“Valuing differences, creating unity.”  For over 40 years, True Colours has been helping millions of adults and youth find more success in their lives and interpersonal relationships.  This easy but profound way of understanding self and others helps increase empathy, recognize similarities and differences, and lessens conflict through misunderstandings.  True Colours translates complex temperament theory into practical information and ways to take action. Represented by four colours – Orange, Gold, Green and Blue — it differentiates the four primary personality types.  By learning about each type, people are able to find out which they best identify with, and also acknowledge that they have the three other types within them as well.  This can be a powerful way of building understanding of self and others. 

True Colours workshops are a great way to develop your team, whether it is corporate, non-profit, volunteer based, or any other group of people with a similar directive.  A majority of workplace challenges stem from interpersonal difficulties between employees, and employers can lose talented employees if they are not able to match them to tasks and developmental opportunities that they value.  By understanding core personality types, teams are able to better understand each other, as well as adapt their communication to be more effective and have maximum impact.  Many team building events and trainings are complicated and are quickly forgotten or unused.  Because True Colours is easy to remember and deeply ingrained in our everyday lives, participants can use True Colours skills for years after the course, and it can continue to be a useful skill in the workplace. 

All workshops are custom created to match your group and its individual needs.  Workshops can range from 3 hours to a full day.

True Colours can help you and your team by:  

  • Gaining understanding of True Colours by understanding the history and development of personality type frameworks (typology)
  • Allowing self-assessment and exploration of one’s strongest traits and attributes
  • Improving team communication and relational skills through understanding the strengths, joys, values and needs of each personality type
  • Understanding the stressors of each personality type
  • Exploring the interaction between different personalities traits, both interpersonally and intrapersonally
  • Allowing team members and yourself to experiment with different styles of communication
  • Enhancing team dynamics by creating empathy between different personality types on a team
  • Exploring the differences in how different personality types react to stress, and how that may be perceived by others
  • Demonstrating how to support different team members through stressful circumstances
  • Improving team skill capacity by understanding how different personalities learn and thrive
  • Discussing strategies for better skill development on the team
  • Providing goal planning for personal and relational ways to use True Colours to have a high functioning team

For more information about True Colours, visit: https://truecolorsintl.com/

I’m a big believer that lack of effective communication (rather than differing of opinions) is the main cause of most conflicts in life. I can happily say that this program has helped me to further my understanding of how other people approach their problems, and thus what they are looking for/are receptive to, when seeking help. This has not only helped me in my professional practice as a mental health worker, but also in my personal life. Strongly recommend.    


CS – Mental Health Worker