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We all have great intentions and truly want to help the people around us, especially when we are in a leadership role.  This can include not only management roles, but those of parent to child, entrepreneur to client, and even interactions involving societal privilege.  Unfortunately, we often rely too heavily on our intentions, and don’t do enough to track the impact that we are actually having on people, leading to damaged relationships, and poor outcomes.  Although we may have positive traits that we believe make us good leaders, we might be limiting our effectiveness when we use them as habit, instead of responsively. 

A lot of the challenges that people experience in leadership roles also comes from not being able to interact with power dynamics in a healthy and effective way.  We may not always realize, but one person having more power in a relationship instantly changes the relationship in some deep ways.  By learning language around power, being able to acknowledge our personal experience, and practice ways to use this dynamic ethically, healthily and effectively, we can create amazing relationships!

Responsive Leadership training and coaching will help you:

✓  Explore your personal leadership experience

✓  Learn useful language to understand power dynamics

✓  Identify power dynamics in your personal and professional life

✓  Explore the effects of power dynamics on behaviour

✓  Discover your unconscious habits when leading

✓  Learn the impact that privilege is having on your relationships

✓  Explore the difference between intent and impact

✓  Embrace responsive leadership

✓  Practice feedback as a relational tool

✓ Learn different ways to repair harm to relationships

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