Professional Development

Does your staff team no longer feel like a team?  Have you noticed your previously high performing staff no longer excelling?  Your workplace has probably gone through some intense changes due to Covid-19, and so has your work culture.  A great work culture does not happen by accident, and with the shift to working remotely, it is time to put some intentional thought into the way forward.

All Thrive brings high quality personal development and mental wellness programming to any group.  Often, professional and personal development opportunities are seen as having different goals, however more and more businesses are realizing that employees need more than technical knowledge to flourish in their roles.  A greater awareness of self allows for stronger staff teams, amazing leaders, and engaged employees.  All of this leads to happier customers, which in term leads to greater profit.  The cost of not investing in people leads to high turnover rates, poor customer retention, and staff needing to take mental health leave.  Often businesses invest in sending staff to conferences that ultimately had little to no impact.  We create experiences that are customized to your needs and immediately applicable, so they are effective and have long lasting impact.    

All Thrive gives you the chance to learn and practice skills that directly support mental wellness, great relationships, and success.  If you are experiencing unhealthy work culture, power struggles between different levels of employees, or a staff team that is not getting the results you need, we can help.  If this not addressed, you could end up in a cycle of constant crisis, as you try to constantly put out fires. By making a commitment to growth and building resilience, people become more effective in their work, have healthier work culture, become better leaders, and are in crisis less.  That is how we All Thrive.

Imagine a world where you have:

  • Healthy office culture
  • Leaders who are responsive to their teams needs
  • Stronger interpersonal relationships
  • Better customer retention
  • Increased staff retention and employee satisfaction
  • Decreased conflict and more effective communication
  • An anti racist, sexist etc. organizational culture
  • Effective use of power dynamics
  • Stronger and more aligned team values
  • Improved feedback systems

Click below to explore some of the modalities we use in our programs, and contact us to see what we can do to make your team amazing.  Call 403-680-7591.