Meet Leah Fink All Thrive Personal Professional Development

Leah was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where she still lives with her husband Brandon and two cats.  She is the owner and founder of All Thrive, contributing author to the Art of Connection, and the host of the weekly live show Your Mind-Your Reality-Your Results.  She holds an applied degree in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership (ETOL), and a diploma in Social Work, both from Mount Royal University, and is currently a registered social worker.  In her youth she was a competitive freestyle mogul skier, with results including a gold medal in a Canadian Series and 5th in a North American wide competition.  After retiring as a competitive skier, Leah was coached youth, and now volunteers as a judge.  

Her work and volunteer experience has focused on helping people understand more about themselves, and grow their confidence.  This also includes working with youth in a wilderness based addiction and mental health program.  Later, Leah went on to supervise that program, where she focused on program development and growing her facilitation skills as she trained multiple staff teams.  She is also certified in True Colors personality typology, and the Right Use of Power (effectively using power dynamics). 


Although she already wanted to support personal growth, when Leah was able to help two friends to not choose suicide, she knew she had to do more.  It was the skill she learned through both her personal and professional growth that helped her do this.  In both situations, it was being able to create a sense of connection, and inspire a positive self view that led to a good result, so she has dedicated her life to helping others feel confident, connected, and loved.  Additionally, after working in addictions and mental health, she recognized how essential it is to help people do this work proactively – before they feel overwhelmed..  No one should have to get to ‘rock bottom’ before they are given the chance gain the skills to make their life better.

Leah now helps adults and youth in their personal and professional development.  Through All Thrive’s public speaking, consulting, and workshops, Leah teaches skills that help people create and maintain healthy relationships, feel inspired in their direction in life, and realize their mental strength.

  • ACSW registered social worker 
  • Certified Facilitator True Colours personality assessment
  • Certified facilitator in the Right Use of Power
  • Experiential Learning Practitioners Certificate
  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
  • TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training)
  • Responsive Leadership training (De Groot)
  • First Aid (80 hour Wilderness)
  • Clean criminal record check


To support individuals in self awareness and advancing their mental wellness through speaking and facilitating experiential opportunities that develop social emotional learning skills.


Strengthening people, solidifying relationships, changing lives.


Growth – Everyone is able to change and grow in ways that will make them happier and healthier

Connection – Relationships are the foundation of all of the work we do, and are essential in learning and overcoming challenges

Experience – Learning needs to be interactive and fun!

Empowerment – Everyone has the ability to move towards the future they want

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