Homeschooling Enrichment


Mental wellness and soft skills are being acknowledged more and more as essential to academic success.  However these topics may be harder to learn in an online format, or at home, where we already tend to stick to already existing habits. All Thrive strengthens understanding and grows relationships through experiential learning, so these topics can be explored in a safe environment, and so they are immediately applicable.  Would you like your youth to have better communication and conflict resolution skills?  Would you like them to expand their emotional literacy, and increase their sense of purpose in life?  These and many more topics can be explored, based on your groups goals and needs.  Please check out our school programs page to see some some examples of themes.

Our programming is designed to meet and exceed components of the Health and Life Skills and CALM curriculum, and focuses on developing the CASEL Social Emotional Learning competencies that Alberta schools work to meet.

The Social Emotional Learning competencies are:

  • Self-awareness: Recognizing emotions and assessing ones’ strengths and challenges.
  • Self-management: Controlling emotions and impulses managing stress self-motivation and setting and achieving goals.
  • Social awareness: Identifying others’ emotions showing empathy and understanding other perspectives.
  • Relationship skills: Building healthy relationships communication skills conflict resolution working playing and learning with others.
  • Responsible decision-making: Making wise choices and evaluating potential consequences.

Programming may take place with a family, with a homeschooling pod, or any combination of youth and adults.  Support can be over Zoom, and some in person options are possible, while maintaining Covid-19 health guidelines.   Content is designed for junior high and high school, however some can be adapted for younger children.  Talk to us to learn what structure would be right for you.

Please give us a call at 403-680-7591 to discuss how we could help you and your children thrive.