Family Growing Together

We learn a lot of our soft skills from our family.  What our values are, how to communicate, how to deal with emotions, and so much more.  Sometimes we can also get stuck in our patterns.  We may know something is not quite what we would like it to be, but we don’t know what would make it better.  All Thrive can support you and your family by giving you the chance to explore these ideas together.  This is not family therapy.  It is learning skills so you can support each other in your growth, and help each other through challenging times.  

This could include: 

  • Learning better communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Exploring personal values, needs and behaviours
  • Understanding different stressors, and how to support each other through them
  • Planning family and individual goals for the future
  • Understanding different personalities and how they can work together
  • Creating family ceremonies that give everyone a voice

Please call us at 403-680-7591 to discuss how we could help your family grow together and thrive.