Adult Programming

Our programs are all customized in order to meet the needs of your group.  We work with corporate groups, communities, post secondary institutions and families to create unique experiences that will deepen your understanding of self, and integrate what you are learning directly into your life.  Often, professional and personal development opportunities are based in gaining information, however, if that information is not meaningful and applicable to your life, it will quickly be forgotten, and won’t actually help you.  How many conferences have you left where you gained amazing information that was quickly discarded or forgotten?

All Thrive’s approach creates experiences that increase self awareness, as well as a chance to learn and practice skills that directly support mental wellness, relationships, success and happiness.  These pieces can be disregarded as we focus on crisis after crisis,  but by making a commitment to growth and building resilience, we become more effective in our work, have stronger relationships, become better leaders, and are in crisis less.  That is how we All Thrive.

Our programs work to:

  • Develop leaders who are responsive to their teams needs
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Decrease conflict and increase effective communication
  • Create and maintain healthy group cultures
  • Understand and build effective power dynamics
  • Develop stronger and more aligned team values
  • Improve feedback systems

Click below to explore some of the modalities we use in our programs.